Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 327 - Moroccan BBQ Love & Cold Fusion Kitty

July 1st, 2010

Our token neighborhood Moroccan friend is a muscular dude, wears a shark tooth around his neck and couldn't answer me when I asked "Have you ever killed a man?" He possesses one other attribute that is the closer when I'm picking friends: Badass chef.

Last night, he and his wife (who might be the nicest person I've ever met...if I've said you've been demoted) invited our crew over for a BBQ. Imagine Hebrew National hot dogs, one notch below mediocre store bought potato salad and boxes of wine. It was the exact opposite of that. I was too consumed in ungraceful food inhalation to inquire about about how he specifically prepared his edibles of exponential perfection. I mean...the hamburgers had cut up apple in them. Cut Up Apples! I am versed enough in the culinary arts to take notice when my meals are prepared...with love(wiping tear.)

Somewhere before the chocolate mojitos and after the Moroccan chicken, I felt it best to share a photo series that I have on my Blackberry. My inspiration: Cupcake, my boyfriend's cat who I'm babysitting. Because she knows who is the giver of food, she's become smitten with all that is Jax. In fact, our connection was sealed when she started watching me. In the shower.

In an effort to take our relationship to the next inappropriate level, I've been photographing her in her rawest moments. So far the series includes the following scenarios.

- Kitty Porn. Part 1 - Cupcake sitting on her cat butt with her cat paw on her cat crotch. Title: Addicted to the Nip. Chronic masturbator

- Kitty Porn. Part 2 - She's wearing my bikini - Title: Celebrate the Season. Hot or Not?

- Kitty Porn. Part 3 - Title: Kitty with Vibrator

My pictures were well received by my friends(and it wasn't due to party guests being high on Moroccan spices. And other things.)

In fact, in a group effort, future installments for The Kitty Porn project were conceived.

- Astronaut Kitty

- Cold Fusion Kitty (Included are goggles, white lab jacket and a Bunsen burner)

- Blow Jobs For Crack Kitty

Like any art, I have achieved when my audience feels something. In regards to my Kitty Porn, my friend Pete confessed, "I fear that one day this cat is going to wake up and find a dead hooker in its litter box."

My response: The hooker picture is too hot for Facebook. I did, however, post it on Myspace.

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