Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 338 - Look to Lamar Latrell

July 12th, 2010

3 of the most memorable movie moments of all time:

- "The Godfather" gave us a severed horse head in a bed.
- Linda Blair's spinning head (much like a dreidle...made out of clay)in the Exorcist".
- Lamar Latrell gracefully throwing the flimsy aerodynamic javelin in "Revenge of the Nerds".

Readers, please tell me you've seen the classic where nerds retaliate with grace, fervor and with the bad ass backing of Lamda Lamda Lamda? Because here's the thing: There are two types of people in the world. Those who know the following song. And those who don't. Ask yourself, "Who am I?"

Clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands!

We're Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu
We come here on stage tonight to do a show for you

We've got a rockin' rhythm and a high tech sound
That'll make you move your body down to the ground

We've got Poindexter on the violin
And Louis and Gilbert will be joinin' in

We've got Booger Presley on a mean guitar
And a rap by little old me, Lamar

We've got Takashi beating on his gong
The boys and the Mus are clapping along

And just when you thought you'd seen it all
Along comes a Lambda 4 feet tall

Oh..the perceived concept of Nerdom, you are timeless.

I can empathize, sympathize and jazzercise with nerds because, admittedly, my life experience has served up(what doesn't kill you...makes you stronger) moments when people gave me the sucker punching glance that lets me know (in a"delightfully" scathing manner) that they perceive me as lesser than.

How about those ignorantly evil judgers of the world who attain their skewed definition of joy by throwing Lamar Latrell's javelin into the self esteem of others to control the environment around them.

They's diches (douches + dicks.)

What? Oh. You raise a good point. Indeed, it is ironic that I have in fact judged the judgers. You're smart. Like Mensa smart.

Truth is, I have experienced the full circle of people hastily placing me in society's pecking order. You see, I've also been at "the top" looking down because, at times, I've been interpreted as awesome when said judgers know little to nothing about me.

Yeah, you can keep doing that.

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