Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 347- Ask Jax - Part 22

July 21st, 2010

This is the 22nd installment of my "Ask Jax" series. I'm open to answering ANY of your pressing inquiries with little to no thought, accuracy and sensitivity. I can't guarantee instant publication, but I will hold onto all questions and attempt to answer them at some point during my 365 day blog entry challenge. Remember there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people who ask questions.

The Scarecrow got a brain, Tin Man got a heart, Lion got courage, Dorothy got home, what did Toto get? - Claudia Mizrahi, Brookln, New York

Jax's Answer: Rabies, Kennel Cough and 7 minutes in heaven with a Bichon Frisé in a tutu

How did you train for your marathon? Any special secret? - Page Newsom Pelphrey, Guilford, Connecticut

Jax's Answer: Run. If anything gets in your way...move.

If they shaved Mickey Mouse, would it reveal six-pack abs? - Jarod Kearney, Staunton, Virginia

I wish. Sadly, the nation's "It" mouse is lacking superior, ripped and washboardy abdominal muscles. However Jarod, do shave Mickey if you're interested in seeing nipple rings made of Gouda cheese, a pot belly that's the result of eating too many left over croissants from failed Euro Disney and a tattoo that says, "Donald can kiss my rodent balls. No. seriously. He can."

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