Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 329 - How to be Successful in Comedy When You and Your Parents Are Not Alcoholics

July 3rd, 2010

Many of you have asked, "But Jax! What are you going to do once your '365 Day Blog Entry Challenge of Cosmic Angst Through the Eyes of Comedic Insight' comes to an end?" Up until very recently, I never felt too pressured to reveal a thorough answer as it seemed that the end date was never a stones throw away. Well I just spoke to that stone and it can see it's destination, 36 days from now.

My primary goal was just to be able to maintain the endurance to get through this. But I know my sensitive soul well and I do expect to experience some very real "loss" of some sort on day 366. I do see continuing to write in the blogosphere simply because I like the discipline, the release, the power of this interweb thing and instant feedback(that's the performer in me.) The specifics regarding my time, commitment and angles for future entries has not yet been determined.

Right now, I'm forcing myself to see how I can compartmentalize, organize and analyze a years worth of material(some rich in content...some disposable.) I have begun by perusing past entries in the search of thematic commonalities. Upon casual glance, here are some themes I'm finding:

- Wrapping common trials and tribulations in a candy wrapper

- My love affair with my Brooklyn community

- Family - Interesting note, during this past year, both of my grandmothers turned 90 and I got to document much of the celebrations in my blog. More importantly, I got to read my tributes to these two special women.

- My attempts at profoundness and profanity

- Fear

- Ask Jax - I adore providing answers to your inquiries that involve little to no accuracy.

- I'm a Nonchalant Observer

- Boobs

- My life in comedy

- Money

- Ways to assist people you love. In unethical ways

- Personifying inanimate objects -(example - this is what happened inside a woman's purse on Day 170 -" Live Together, Die Alone"(

- My Jewessness

- Things I get

- Things I don't get

- Things I get. But am ashamed to admit

- Penises

- There's been frequent mention of satiating my entrepreneurial spirits with a business called "Jax's Baby Doo-Rags. For Babies. In Baby Gangs". Fingers crossed

After reviewing the the glorified theme brainstorm above, I am pointing to my head while saying, "It's no picnic in here."

A trusted friend suggested that I begin thinking of titles for a possible book. OK. Some initial thoughts:

- "How to be Successful in Comedy When You and Your Parents Are Not Alcoholics"

- "Writers: Keeping Coffee Houses in Business Since the Invention of Words"

- "Jacqueline Kabat Cookbook. Eating Healthy, It's No Joke" (cover includes me wearing an apron and chef hat as I stand in front of a piece of lattice in the Tuscan countryside)

- "My Year of Tranformative Soul Searching. And I'm Still Fucked Up"

- "The Divinci Code"

Yay me because I have begun the preliminary "where to go from here" process. I need to commit to this phase as diligently as I have to my daily entries. This next sentence warrants all caps. I CAN'T DROP THE BALL ON THIS. NO SERIOUSLY. I CAN'T.

People who wear patrouille tell me that I just need to tell the universe what I want. OK.

- I want to make money from my writing
- I want to have a book
- I want a "Ask Jax" column. In "The Onion" would be ideal
- I want a literary agent
- I want a pony. Named Dazzle

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