Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 293 - Lowbrow Memoirs

May 28th, 2010

I'd like to pride myself in creating comedy that has a cerebral element. But in my effort to be truthful to my readers(and myself), it's only fair that I admit of my time when my humor skewed toward the spectrum of the lowbrow.

I was young. I needed the money. But didn't get any.

Luckily, my (real or perceived) matured wisdom has steered me away from material which conjures up the following:

- lacking in refinement
- uncultivated taste
- devoid of any intelligence
- sub-standard
- appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator

I've created my 365 day blog entry challenge as a home for ALL my work to live. Some place to call its own.

I'm a bit shamed to show these video vignettes to you...but I will step out of my comfort zone and invite you to view some footage of a time when I would have benefited from striving for material that wouldn't have threatened my sense of dignity.

Oh what a journey it's been.

On day 88, I revealed the following, " In 1999, Gia McGinley and I wrote a sketch called "Gynecology by Candlelight". The premise was based around Dr. Harold Finger, a gynecologist who uses a soothing touch and a gentle probe to give his patients the attention that they deserve.

Don't judge me. To my face.

On day 69, my blog entry was my 2003 sketch, "Die Bitch Die!". This "gem" was a spin on (that "new" reality show)"American Idol". However, in my twisted version, the winner got to be put to death...on live television. The video has surfaced. Sigh...

I beg. Don't scold. FYI, you should be aware that the televised sketch comedy troupe, "The Whitest Kids You Know", just aired something so similar to my seven year old sketch that I should take the high road and let go of my high octane frustration. I have not.

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