Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 289 - LOST. Good Hustle

May 24th, 2010

LOST. Series finale last night. Good night sweet prince.

This entry is not dedicated to hypothesizing the end of our time with those on (and off) a mysterious island. Although I will miss my imaginary friends. Hard. I'm cognizant that there were two opposing groups. Those of us who were obsessed with LOST and those of you that thought we were idiots for wasting six years(when we could have been expanding our minds by way of Celebrity Apprentice". )My intention with this 365 day blog entry challenge is to write for the people so I will attempt to reflect more universally.

For those of you who were not watching the last six years, one of the questions most fans inquired about was what happened to Walt, the only "child" on the island. From a puberty perspective, it was best to write this character off in a show involving time travel, flash backs, flash forwards and sex. In cages. However, I was rooting for a future sequence that would bring Walt back in the form of Michael Clarke Duncan.

The bittersweet finale delivered the answers to the big questions but disturbed some fans for choosing not to revisit the small ones. Perhaps viewers should (quite simply) get over it and have peace of mind without needing to be presented with a PowerPoint presentation (with a bad ass lightsaber-esque pointer) spelling out every detail of a series that totaled 121(and a half) hours.


Get it? Another Lost central theme. Yay me.

The show's tortured(yet ultimately redeemed) characters loved each other, tested each other and all remained sultrily steamin' hot without showers, hair product and Russian waxers. Together.

Whether we're a a faith man, a science man or an ass man...I would hope that we all have the capacity to find peace by the simple notion of not having to go through this journey alone.

I am certainly not a philosopher(for fear that my subpar equilibrium would result in my falling off a soapbox) but (gently) suggest that we not be a slave to all that is pragmatic, embrace faith and allow people to lift us from a place(in this existence. Or any existence) that is no longer serving us.


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