Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 65 – Freak Flag Day

October 12th, 2009

Happy Columbus day ya’ll! It just seemed like yesterday that we were kegging away the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival to the Americas in 1492. Um. Yeah, I don’t remember doing that either because I’m pretty certain that par-tay only happened in our heads. Rumor on the Columbus Day blog is that there are special church services, parades and large events held to celebrate this landing. Well, no one has invited me and I’m awesome at parties. I can hang. Is this holiday for real? Is it really happening? If not, it would be a close second to my other favorite faux holiday, “Gay Not So Proud Day”.

Columbus Day celebrations can be controversial because the settlement of Europeans in the Americas led to the demise of a very large proportion of the native people that is said to be a direct result of Columbus' actions. Sure, he might be partly responsible for the deaths of a large proportion of the history and culture of the indigenous people, but at least he introduced the New World to Chocolate, STD’s and Eurotrash.

I don’ have anything personal against this holiday. In fact, many of my friends are teachers and get this day off . That makes me happy because no one works harder than them. Hey, teaching is the hardest job you’ll ever love. Or is that the Army or motherhood? For reasons unbeknownst to me, I just started thinking about holidays that could be, dare I say, insignificant. I asked my audience and Roman Feeser of New York, NY told me that he feels that Flag Day is overrated. I guess he doesn’t care that our flag has a proud history and was at the lead of every battle fought by Americans. Yeah, I don’t care either. Boring stuff. I want to propose a holiday under the flag umbrella that might have a little more of a following and chutzpah: Freak Flag Day

I’m pretty certain that anyone reading(and perhaps even enjoying) my blog could benefit from a flag that celebrates their unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous and unconventional thinking.

I’m throwing it out to you. Again. Feel free to comment here and say what you would do on Freak Flag day. Be subtle. Be overt. Just please don’t let social anxiety suppress that which is supposed to be. Remember. Jax’s blog is a safe place.

I’ll start: I’ll put on a camouflage bikini top and tutu and mud wrestle Cindy McCain at Mudfest 2009.I might win. I might not. But I’ll tell you one thing: I will be free. Thanks Freak Flag Day! You’re tops!

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