Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 325 - Forgiveness? Overrated

June 29th, 2010

Some not so breaking news: 2 nights ago at the BET awards, Chris Brown paid tribute to Michael Jackson by singing an (is this really happening) over the top emotional rendition of "Man in the Mirror". The "this moment is bigger than me" production was equipped with his cracked voice, bad soap opera acting crumble to the stage and wounded eyes of a puppy from a Sara McLaughlin "Cruelty to Animals" commercial.

Later in the show, the "agonized" 21 year old recording artist with that pesky felony assault case stemming from beating ex girlfriend, Rihanna, cries, "I let you all down before, but I won't do it again. I promise you."

Here's my struggle Chris Brown. Maybe psychologists, new age types named Star and Oprah would encourage me to find that place in my heart to forgive you. But...how can I say this...I don't wanna.

My intuition tells me that your spectacle was about saving your career. Not your soul.

But rest assured Chris Brown... my disappointed also lies with the people who will undoubtedly celebrate your resurrection. The entertainment industry scriptures makes it widely known that the process goes as follows: The public gets a high from a celebrity's rise to fame, wants to make love to a star's demise and then will have a divine outer body experience with the comeback.

(Maybe 1 exception. OJ Simpson. And I'm still not even 100% convinced that it's not possible that some spin will eventually label him a victim.)

So Chris, your handlers were successful in convincing you to tap into the public's biggest weakness,...forgiveness through covering the King of Pop's "Man in the Mirror". Ironic because (last year) Rihanna looked in the mirror and saw an unrecognizable face covered with bruises, scratches and swelling.

Chris's ascent back into the stratosphere of celebrities who have gotten the get out of jail free card for douchbaggery began with being forgiven by the highest of powers that sees the good in everyone...Jermain Jackson. The lesser than Jackson proudly supports the (I hit you because I love you) performer by saying,

- "People make mistakes, they need support, and he's a wonderful performer."

- "How can he learn from his mistakes if you don't give him the chance? He needs that. I support him a thousand per cent."

- "If Christ can forgive us all, we can look at Chris Brown,"

Jermain, that's big of you. Kind of. If I sing "Man in the Mirror" at a family reunion, will you forgive me for writing about colonics yesterday?

You will? You're such a softy.

Looking forward to your public sympathy for Adolph Hitler, Darth Vader, the 9/11 terrorists, Hans Gruber and the shark from Jaws.

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