Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 306 - The Fighters of Evil Doing

June 10th, 2010

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm at Sullivan's Island for my Grandmother's 90th birthday. Should you desire a birds-eye(or Jax-eye) view of this fairy tale part of the world, visit yesterday's blog entry, "Nonchalant Observer -Installment #9– Sullivan's Island".

It's not even dusk and this day has offered a few opportunities to be surrounded by all types of fighters of evil doing.

Hanging with the fighters of evil doing scenario one:

My sister-in-law surprised my 4 year old niece with an assortment of munchkins from Dunkin' Donuts. Surprised and most delighted, the niece exhibited the purest of kid joy as she dove her head into the box. The visual was enhanced with her wearing a Supergirl costume. The scenario continued to write itself when my real life cop boyfriend sat next to her and started eating the box of "adult donuts." Supergirl insisted that police man put the entire donut in his she did(then returned it to the box) and was flabbergasted when police man dunked his edible into his coffee.Too soon?

Law enforcement and superhero united by fried dough. It was beautiful. Real. And if the two figures of authority were to be in a summer blockbuster hit...I would watch it (with the hopes that it would turn into an ice show.)

Hanging with the fighters of evil doing scenario two:

My boyfriend and I drove the golf cart over to the Isle of Palms, the barrier island adjacent to Sullivan's Island. Although I used to go to the beach resort(Wild Dunes) at the end of the island as a child, I was not familiar with the lay of the land. We stopped and asked a police man for directions and I coerced my boyfriend to tell him that they made the same career choice. The (about to retire) Isle of Palms cop, Bobby, insisted that we exit our vehicle and get into his squad he could give us a tour of the island. In the spirit of brotherhood. I guess. Good times were had. I sat in the back as the "2 authorities" from different worlds(1 from Brooklyn...1 from the "island") talked shop in the front. I discovered:

- I felt badass for having a new friend who can drive on the beach(even though he pointed out real estate that I can't afford.)
- As far as the local fireman, Bobby the cop is NOT a fan.
- There's a party with the precinct boys at the Windjammer tomorrow night. ..Bobby invited us. You should come too.

As of now, 4:45PM, I do not have a third hanging with the fighters of evil doing scenario. Before the day is done, I hope to develop a close personal bond with the security guy at the Gap. He'll find it endearing when I ask him if the khakis I have on are figure flattering. Cut to us whimsically skipping through the denim section with animated birds chirping in our ears.

Can't picture it? Wait for the ice show.

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