Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 310 - Ask Jax - Part 17

June 14th, 2010

This is the 17th installment of my "Ask Jax" series. I'm open to answering any of your pressing inquiries. Any topic. I can't guarantee instant publication, but I will hold onto all questions and attempt to answer them at some point during my 365 day blog entry challenge. Remember there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people who ask questions.

How is life like a bowl of cherries? - Where'd that saying come from? - Nat Sternbergh, Davis, California

Jax's answer - In 1931, Ray Hendersonm, Buddy G. DeSylva and Lew Brown wrote a song called "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries". The lyrics below seem to imply that a bowl full of a pitted small, fleshy fruit indicates that life is carefree, pleasant and solid. Much like a rock.

"Life is just a bowl of cherries;
Don't make it serious;
Life's too mysterious.
You work, you save, you worry so,
But you can't take your dough when you go, go, go.
So keep repeating it's the berries;
The strongest oak must fall.
The sweet things in life
To you were just loaned,
So how can you lose what you've never owned?
Life is just a bowl of cherries"
So live and laugh at it all.

As for me, I find that life is more like a urine sample. It tells me if I'm pregnant, have a urinary tract infection or should go easy on the vitamins( as indicated by an "electric" yellow shade of urine.)

Why can't I have my cake and eat it too? - Roberta Scott, San Francisco, California

Jax's answer: You can Roberta. You can! Your slim physique affords you the luxury of indulging in an an array of delightful sweet baked goodness ( made with flour, sugar and yes, love.) If your inquiry came from someone who could stand to loose a few answer would be, "A moment on the eternity on the hips."

What's the difference between flirting and being friendly? Elva V. Rojas - Houston, Texas

Jax's answer - Ask your genitals the same question when you're in a friendly or flirty conundrum. You'll have your answer.

If your apartment was suddenly "frozen" as it is right now, what would it say about you to archaeologists in the future? - Jarod Kearney, Staunton, Virginia

Jax's answer: Not much because an air conditioner malfunction would prevent the freeze. But if my apartment melted...I would imagine that it would be a mother of pearl colored gooey substance that tasted like marzipan.

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