Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 312 - Kids, Sharing is Bad

June 16th, 2010

I threw out the following question to you: When I was young my brother's "recorder" was passed down to me...with teeth marks. When else is sharing bad?

Spare a square? Stall to stall communications is frowned upon. - Brian Levy, Dallas, Texas

There was a Dixie cup commercial years back that greatly disturbed me...The mother said "I don't mind my kids sharing a toothbrush...but a cup? That's just unsanitary" - Pete Schwinge, Brooklyn, New York

Needles and profos - Ted Kim, Menlo Park/San Mateo/Purgatory, California

I shared bathes with my brother 'till he sent out a floater. - Clyde Henriques, Brooklyn, New York

Some other scenarios where I must express disapproval and opposition to the act of sharing:

- BP and any body of water should not share space. Even in a bathtub.

- Courtney Love should not share beauty tips.

- Sarah Palin should not share her opinions.

- Sexually promiscuous types should not share their genital warts.

- Joan Rivers should not share her plastic surgeon.

- Oprah should not share a couch with Tom cruise. She will be injured.

- Expectant mothers should not share their sonograms. On Facebook.

- Madonna need not share her British accent.

- Prisoners should not share soap.

All I plead is just use your discretion when you are bombarded with public service announcements that preach, "Sharing is Caring."

Often "Sharing is Overbearing." Unless I do it.

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  1. This almost happen in every house. That elder’s things are passed down to younger one.