Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 298 - Rentable Clique

June 2nd, 2010

I write to you from the basement of the Sag Harbor Public Library. It exhibits a similarity (in decor and odor) to1983. I'm craving a Tab.

I assume you're perplexed and we're about to venture into the following telepathic virtual dialogue:

You: But Jax! Don't be confined to a bibioteche when you're in a beautiful part of Long Island that (according to the Chamber of Commerce), " Offers an experience you will always remember."

Me: But You, I've committed to a 365 day blog entry challenge. I'm entering day 298 so I have to maintain endurance despite being (help me out Chamber of Commerce) nestled on the bay in the heart of the Hamptons in a 300 year old village that is supposed to enchant me with its centuries-old streets, pristine beaches, gracious accommodations, restaurants offering both locally-caught seafood and international fare, and unique shops with items from around the corner and around the world.

You: Sucks for you Jax. Come here. You look like you could use a hug.

While I grasp the nature of your concern, I'm at peace that I dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day to this year long project (regardless of my whereabouts.)

The reason for heading (as New Yorkers say) out east was to support a playwright friend whose play ("Dissonance") was opening at the Bay Street Theatre. Many of the productions that premier at this respected professional regional theatre move to Broadway and Off-Broadway.

My Brooklyn crew had one extra ticket and offered it up to a woman eating a hamburger alone at the bar we visited before curtain call. She was most grateful for our inclusive ways and joined us for drinks afterwards at Murph's Back Street Tavern. I liked her. A lot. And not just because I might have convinced her to take my Humor for Health & Self-Discovery workshop at The Omega Institute in July.

Yeah, so she was lovely. But you know who else was? We were. I run with an incredibly authentic,open minded and welcoming group of friends. My entrepreneurial spirit has suggested that it might be time to capitalize on what we do best. Make friends. Hang. Spread high-spirited fun, enjoyment and (dare I confess) hilarity.

We're offering up our notable services that will allow you the opportunity to hire us as friends. Some contracts will be signed prior to socializing(in a perceived sincere way) with riders that guarantee the following:

- We will laugh at your jokes. Yes, all of them. We're that good.
- Expect compliments like, "Those jeans make you look smart."
- We're known for our loving bear hugs(pats on the ass sold separately.)
- We promise to be upbeat, positive and are wired to smile(even though your political views are inane.)

In summation, my rentable clique wants you know "Whatever you decide or need, we are there for you." Until your paid upfront allotted time expires.

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