Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 302 - Katy, Kabat and Kelsey

June 6th, 2010

Last night, I met my (if I were a lesbian I would totally go for her) friend Katy for a cocktail before we took a voyage from Brooklyn to the theater( for the sake of this blog, please pronounce it with a haughty British accent as theee-tuhhh). We got dolled up and dare I say were the recipients of some lusty glances as we were walking to the (say it with me) theee-tuhhhh.

Side note: I fear that I sound cocky...but throw me a bone. I worked it last night with a hot dress. Rest assured, the rest of the year my self esteem is challenged.

Katy is the "bestest" hanger outer companion because we have identical heights and personalities(complete with boisterous hand gestures that will injure you should you get within five feet of us.) The difference: I'm the blond and she has the the short brunette bob cut with bangs. For Halloween, we were originally thinking we'd go as Lavern and Shirley. Now we're leaning towards the Sweeney Sisters.

Guys, as far as looks, she is your type. Or I am. This is how our "admirers " divvied up their attentions last eve.

Dominican teen - Katy
Obama supporter - Me
Midwest tourist dad - Katy
Awkward prepubescent boy - Me
Gay Man - Both of us

Katy and I arrived at the Shubert Broadway Theee-tuhhhh( just beating a dead horse) to see Kelsey Grammer star in "La Cage Aux Folles", grabbed yet another alcoholic beverage and took our the third row... Katy used to work on "Frasier" so we got hooked up and treated like we were more important than we really were.

I loved the show and am obviously not alone with my assessment as the production has received 11 Tony Award Nominations. We were able to finagle the green light to go backstage and see Kelsey so Katy could reunite with her old co-worker. He even showed up to join us for a super fast bite at the bar next door. Admittedly, I was starstruck because I've always been overwhelmed by this guy's two-decade portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, the "lovably pompous" gentleman who enjoys fine wine, is well versed in the writing of Henry James(among other literary legends), and has an obscure interest in Mongolian throat singing. Plus, come on, Grammer provides the voice of Sideshow Bob. Enough said.

I did discover a few things about my new BFF, Kelsey:

- He's softer and more laid back than his television persona.
- He's evidently the nicest man. Katy told me he flew the entire cast and crew(200 people) of "Frasier" to his home in Maui. And they could bring guests.
- Not a fan of onions. He ordered a cucumber salad and sorted them out.

A pretty solid night. Afterward, we headed back to our local Brooklyn dive bar to meet up with my guy, our friends and more mixed drinks.

My ex was there. That was a little weird. Also a little weird when he told me he wasn't over his last two girlfriends. And dating a lesbian.

Sometimes our own lives should be performed on a Broadway the(say it from the heart...not the head)theee-tuhhhh.

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