Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 127 - Emotional Party

December 13th, 2009

(The scene takes place in Happiness’s apartment.She is throwing a
party and the guests are a variety of emotions mingling.)

EXCITEMENT – Envy, you must try this spinach artichoke dip! It’s divine!

ENVY – I’ll just do that Excitement. I just love your shirt. It’s very figure flattering. Good for a day at the beach…

EXCITEMENT - …or a night on the town! I know!

ENVY – Oh No. Here comes Shame. I’m worried about her spending so much time at the Catholic Church.

(Shame joins Envy and Excitement)


ENVY – Loving your rosary beads.

EXCITEMENT (Hands Shame an appetizer) – Pig in the blanket?!

SHAME – No thanks. I’m disgusted with myself for putting on so much weight.

EXCITEMENT – Stop that! Right now! You look great!

ENVY - You really do. Delight has been eyeing you all night. I’m so jealous.

EXCITEMENT – Shhh..! Happiness is going to make a toast!

(Happiness addresses party goers)

HAPPINESS - I’m just thrilled that you all could make it to my annual Emotional Party. I think it’s so crucial that we check in with each other from time to time.

EMPATHY – I totally feel you girl! Cheers…

HAPPINESS – Thank you Empathy. So much has happened since last year! Courage went bungee jumping in New Zealand, Hope moved on and married Love after Guilty cheated on her and Pleasure’s new sex toy store is thriving.

DESIRE – Cheers to that! I basically live at that place!

HAPPINESS – I heard about that Desire. Please everyone..enjoy yourselves. Feel free to dance to my favorite Bobby McFerrin tunes, watch Amusement try out some new comedy bits or join Relaxed on the deck. I hear he has some bitchin’ weed.

(Cut back to Envy, Excitement and Shame)

ENVY - Happiness is a doll. I wish I had her knack for feng shui.

EXCITEMENT – Oh look! Fear just arrived.

SHAME – I’m surprised she made it. She generally doesn’t leave the house.

ENVY – Oh that’s nice to see…Affection is giving her a hug. He's good for her.

EXCITEMENT – I am just so glad that Fear and Anger aren’t hanging out anymore.

ENVY – I know. They really enabled each other. Fear was holding Anger back. And Anger was covering a lot up for Fear.

SHAME – I heard that they’d get wasted at dive bars with Misery. He loves company. Toxic all around. That’s a Shame. I mean.. that’s a me.

EXCITEMENT – Remember last year when Misery and Joy were making out in the corner?! They had one of those magnetic, fast and furious love affairs. She came to her senses and realized that he was self loathing and was just feeding off her energy like a vampire.

ENVY – I agree. And look how great she looks with Competence. He’s so together. So comfortable in his own skin, honest and successful. Plus really sexy. I’m jealous.

(A dramatic scene breaks out where Anger starts yelling at Sadness. Sadness starts to cry and exits to the kitchen. Anger chases her.)

EXCITEMENT – What was that all about?!

(Happiness walks over)

HAPPINESS – It’s complicated because Sadness and Anger are fraternal twins. They don’t look alike..but they come from the same place. Their parents are Depression and Pain. Anger just yells a lot and Sadness breaks into tears. At the core, they’re identical. I’ve invited them to meditate with me..but they’re not ready.

(Happiness saunters off in her flowy clothes ..then there is an extended pause...)

EXCITEMENT – This is getting a little too heavy for me! Come on, let’s go funnel beer with Elation in the garage!


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  1. Hahahahaa! That was awesome. Favorite quote: "I am just so glad that Fear and Anger aren’t hanging out anymore."