Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 229 - Give it to Me. Yeah. You

March 25th, 2010

It has come to my attention that Emily Dickenson, Isaac Newton and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen all died virgins. I’ve become aware of this truthiness because I was perusing an exceptionally reputable website called “ChaCha!”

I’ve also learned (through another esteemed site on the magical unicorn world of the interweb) that Hans Christian Anderson had a case of the “gay”. This has little to no shock value to me because, I mean, he was Danish. And the author of whimsical tales called "Thumbelina", "The Little Match Girl" and "The Snow Queen". All filled with fantastical gay goodness.

If you look very closely at excerpts from “The Snow Queen”, there are subtle hints of his preferred sexual preference.

-Now I must hasten away to warmer countries. I’m gay.”

-"Snip, snap, snare! It’s all right at last. I’m so gay”

"Roses bloom and cease to be, But we shall the Christ-child see. FYI. Me. A gay. A raging gay. Chant my battle cry with me…Gay! Gay! Gay!”

I’m going to do something very out of character for me and steer off topic now. We need to talk. Yeah. We.

As I enter my final 3rd of my 365 day blog entry challenge, I really want to challenge myself to be more edgy. As I reread what I wrote above, I need to push harder. If you’re saying, “No Jax.. Hans Christian Anderson screams “edgy.” You’re lying. But thanks.

I throw it out to you. Let me know what you crave to read. It can be illegal. Unethical. Taboo. Nothing is off limits. Give it to me. Hard. Where do you see irony? What makes you angry? Confused? Chances are you’re not alone and we should flesh it out. As a family.

So please share your conundrums that keep you up at night, make you a “functioning” alcoholic and are the catalyst for your addiction to vintage Barbie dolls. Black Barbies.

It would be... a virtual mitzvah.

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  1. What would Jesus do? I tell you what he wouldn't eat bacon. I watched a dude with one of those bracelets on shoving bacon into his Christian mouth and have been ranting ever since.