Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 228 - Women. Mud Wrestling. Ziti

March 24th, 2010

On day 36, I posted a sketch called “Penis.”

I wrote about what men do when they go to the bathroom together. It involved them pissing on each other while chanting “God damn I love my penis!” It only seems reasonable that I reveal to the men what happens when the ladies go to the bathroom. In bulk.

Girl 1, Girl 2 and Girl 3 are in the bathroom. They’re all hot. Like real hot.

(Girl 1 and Girl 2 are putting on makeup)

Girl 1 – So anyways. I’d love to have a threesome with you…but I’m not sure if my boyfriend would be into it because no guys fantasize about being with two women.

Girl 2 - I know. It’s hard to convince men to have sex with multiple hot women.

(Girl 3 walks out of the stall. Naked)

Girl 3 – Gosh it’s so hot in here. Wanna pillow fight?

Girl 1–Only if we can giggle Girl 3!

Girl 2 –Look! There just happens to be pillows in the bathroom of this Olive Garden!

(The three girls start pillow fighting while feathers fly everywhere)

Girl 1 – This is so fun and erotic. Wanna wrestle in the mud pit which, of course, is also in this bathroom?

Girl 3- Let’s do it! And by let’s do it, I mean let’s do it. With each other. In the mud.

(All three girls go in the mud pit and do lesbian stuff.)

Girl 2 – That was amazing. We should probably get back to our table. My Ziti al Forno isn’t gonna eat itself.

Girl 3 – You’re right. But we should shower first and sensually wash each other while we moan in heightened provocative pleasure.

(The three girls get in the shower. In the restaurant bathroom.)


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