Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 206 -Thanks Mon Means Thank You in Jive

March 2nd, 2010

It's better for me to email thank you notes because my handwriting is that of a 4th grader. Maybe a second grader. I do absolutely 100% see the sentiment and significance of one party wishing to express appreciation to another party in a written format. In our personal and business encounters there are clearly times when we need to extend our gratitude to someone who gave us their time, a service or a gift. Even if it’s a regifted picture frame with the giver’s monogrammed initials on the back. You know who you are.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve really been trying to have “the attitude of gratitude” as frequently as possible. There is no downside to recognizing and reminding ourselves of all that we are thankful for. As I’ve mentioned before, our deliberate decisions to focus on all that we are grateful for is supposed to create more good things. I’m a fan of things. That are good.

There are a few thank you letters that I should have sent out over the years to people who touched my life in some way. The following people should be expecting a much delayed email(in a cursive font) of thanks from me. Soonish.

-Thank you Gay Pride Parade marchers. You inspired me to organize a Straight Shame March. Straight people with shame deserve to be heard too. They’ve been silent for too long.

- Thank you two awkward 14 year boys having a conversation behind me on the subway. Because of you…I am extremely aware and grateful that I was never a 14 yr old boy.

- Thank you Anne Curry. I find your voice very soothing.

-Thank you paparazzi. You having no interest in my career(but if you did..I’d send you a thank you note too.)

-Thank you Facebook creators. You have never made addictive time wasting more fun.

- Thank you crime scene shows. I now know that female forensics specialists with lush hair don’t have to wear hairnets when searching for the tiniest fibers and particles.

-Thank you David Caruso. I now know that it is possible for anyone to be a sex symbol.

-Thank you radiologic technologist who created string cheese. It’s fun, delicious and filled with radiation goodness.

-Thank you Tom Cruise. I too love jumping on and destroying perfectly good couches. We don’t have to hide our unique cardiovascular activity of choice any longer.

-Thank you Benihana chefs. You put my leftovers in tin foil origami masterpieces that resemble mangled ducks. Although I know that you do this for all your patrons, I tell myself that it is just for me..so, in my mind’s eye, I see it as more of a swan.

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