Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 215 - Minus a Corey

March 11th, 2010

We lost another one ya’ll. Corey Haim has crossed over to join the other child actors who have died prematurely. Sadly, it’s not surprising. I would imagine that these tortured souls struggled to settle down in adulthood because they find it’s improbable that they’ll repeat the successes of their youth. Not only do their appearances change for the worse, but it could also turn out that they’re just not great actors.

The real tragedy in losing Haim lies with the sad reality that Corey Feldman is now left to fly solo in this once intertwined duo that earned the name (and reality show) “The Two Coreys.” These two guys were so interchangeable that I’m still not sure which one was molested by Michael Jackson. Same goes for being perplexed about which Olsen twin killed Heath Ledger.

Lifelong friends and frequent costars, Corey 1 and Corey 2 graced us with their zany driven teenage shenanigans in the “The Lost Boys,” “License to Drive” and “Dream a Little Dream.” Say goodbye to anymore a notch below mediocre sequels. One exception. I put a call into "Sunglasses at Night" Corey Hart about being Feldman’s new comrade. Fingers crossed.

I’m not trying to minimize the heartbreaking tragedy of these child stars that fall deep into substance abuse that too often leads to their demise. My issue lies with people who seem surprised with this all too familiar and frequent downward spirals. Kiddie celebs are train wrecks waiting to happen. Even as I’m watching these adorable child stars in the motion pictures, I feel the impending struggle of their later years. It’s not natural to find fame and fortune before you're potty trained.

Did we really want to see the kid from Jerry Maguire grow up? No, no we didn’t. And as far as Feldman, he’ll be fine. If anything, the loss of Haim will fuel his career. For 15 minutes.

Stay Strong Dakota Fanning

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