Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 197 - Sometimes Drinking Doesn't Make you Fat. A Birthday Miracle

February 21st, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about my intention to start a gratitude journal, a way to consciously call attention to the things that I am thankful for each day. According to people that Oprah would approve of, acknowledging what we’re grateful for makes us the deliberate attractors of positive vibrations.

Today is my 35th birthday and, to my credit, I have always possessed the capacity to appreciate the blessings in my life. But there is always space in my world to draw more positive people and circumstances. They say gratitude is how to achieve more bliss and I would never dare question the wisdom of They.

In the spirit of starting my next year of life in a “being the deliberate attractor of positive vibrations” kind of way, I will revisit what I was thankful for today. I’m in Charleston, SC and my mom, bless her heart, was committed that I have a rockin’ birthday. I guess I would too for the person who came out of my body 35 years ago.

- I’m grateful that I woke up spooning a dachshund. Might sound a little suspect…but it would have been more bizarre if he was spooning me. I’m grateful that I didn’t roll over onto the part of the sheets where he had “piddled.” I‘m grateful that I have control of my bladder.

- I’m grateful that my mom brought me a smoothie, coffee and multigrain toast (with a delicious buttery flax seed oil)…while I was in the shower.

- I’m grateful that my mom and I had some good talks in the car on the way to our “spa day” at the Sanctuary Hotel on Kiawah Island. I’m grateful that she reminded me that I pushed my babysitter in our pool. Her name was Debbie Twilly. I was two years old.

- I’m grateful that mom and I shared a good laugh when we recalled my ex boyfriend meeting the doctor who delivered me at a wedding. The ex says to me, “Jax, he’s seen you AND your mom naked.”

- I’m grateful that I weighed myself for the first time in a year and weigh exactly the same despite my recent love affair with red wine.

- I’m grateful that I went all out and ordered French toast at brunch (to celebrate not gaining weight during my short failed attempt with alcoholism.)

- I’m grateful that I was so relaxed during today’s cranial sacral massage that I drooled. Like a jowly Saint Bernard.

- I’m grateful that my mom still has my blue and yellow baby blanket. Its name was Coconut. Naturally.

- I’m grateful that I got to spend time with my 90 year old grandmother who is so kind, gentle and wise.

- I’m grateful that the sushi restaurant that we went to made their rolls with brown rice.

- I’m grateful that I received an abundance of birthday cards, calls, texts, emails and Facebook posts. In fact, I am so blown away by everyone’s thoughtful well wishes that I’m no longer bummed that nobody sent me what I really wanted. A singing telegram. In Cantonese. And a pony.

- I’m grateful that I can write Day 197 in today’s blog title.

- I’m grateful that my mom's dachshunds got hold of the remote and somehow recorded EURO SLUTS 2. It was weird because I thought the dogs were gay. Plus..come on.. like it's possible to follow the brilliance of EURO SLUTS 1.

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