Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 40 – Bombchelle

September 17th, 2009

A generous amount of my best friends throughout my life have ended up in Los angeles. I have flirted with the idea of moving out here so many times that I have acquired the name “moving tease.” New York is where I need to be based but I do love visiting my friends in Southern California. Interesting note, they all find the LA mentality undoubtedly horrible and miss east coast rawness. But careers, marriages and sunshine have kept them here.That works for me… what’s better than reconnecting and reminiscing with some of the most colorful people who embody my favorite unique characteristics. Plus the reunions take place in perfect weather. I absorb everything around me so this scenario is heaven.

Yesterday I met up with Michelle.We met when I was 14 and she was 15 and haven’t seen each other in about 16 years. We always had mutual respect for each other’s thang.
I dug her because this chick ALWAYS owned her free spirited “authenticness.” Let's face it, exploring our one of a kindness is a rarity as a youngish person. Especially in the South. Her realness comes from some soulful heartfelt place at the core of her being. She wasn’t one of those bullshitters who claimed to like the Grateful Dead but only knew the song “Truckin”. She is smart as hell, just wild enough, endearingly OCD, detail oriented and the exaggeration of a loyal care taking friend who is open to experiences in the spirit of health and heightening. Interpret that as you wish. But I salute her.

As we were eating lunch at a casual Brazilian restaurant on the beach, magical verbal driblets of gold were just oozing out of her. After the second time I spit out my water, it became clear that I needed to conduct an interview so these linguistic gems wouldn’t get lost in the entirety of space and time.

Out came my ghetto spiral notebook and we were off….

Jax - Who gave you your nickname Bombchelle?
Michelle –(Pause) I think I gave it to myself.
Jax – Awesome

Jax – The Piercings. Tell me about them?
Michelle – I’ve worn 14 piercings at once. BUT I’ve never had them on my tongue and naval. Cheesy. For amateurs. Redick.
Jax – Where does the most risqué piercing reside?
Michelle – South of the Border
(Guy walking by overhears. Winks)
Michelle – I have a tattoo on my pelvis. Wanna see?
Jax – Um, yeah.
(Michelle lifts up her shorts and I see a giant green amphibian with red stripes.)
Michelle – I had a huge chili pepper tattoo and then a few years later had it covered it up with an iguana. I call him my Lucky Gecko.

Jax – What do you remember about me as a teenager?
Michelle – You always were smiling. But there was mischief behind it. I felt like you were suppressing your freak flag
Jax - -Fair enough

Jax – I know you’ve been communicating long distance with a special gentleman. In a few weeks, you’ll be meeting him face to face. Most importantly, what do you know about his body?
Michelle – He looks like he’s packing heat.
Jax – Nice

Jax – Old Elvis stamp or Young Elvis stamp?
Michelle – Young. Old makes me think of him croaking on the toilet.

Jax – What sexual position would you not want to revisit?
Michelle - Can we come back to this?
(never did)

Jax – Your skin is just perfect. Such a delightful rosy hue. Why?
Michelle - I get a European facial every 25 days from my Armenian esthetician. I’d go without food before I’d go without facials.

Jax – Final revelations?
Michelle – You might think I’m high maintenance. I’m just expensive to maintain.
Jax – I fucking love you.

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