Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 97 - Young and Impressionable

November 13th, 2009

Kids can get away with anything because the go to phrase for justifying rebellious behavior is “young and impressionable”. Adults who partake in the same frowned upon acts are generally coined as “old and bad decision making doers”. If you’re over the age of 25, be prepared for harsh judgment when you loiter with your coworkers on golf courses and cemeteries after midnight. Drinking Pabst.

Psychotherapists, self help gurus and our inner child all agree that there are gigantean benefits to acting like a kid again. Yet there seems to be a double standard when grown ups indulge in the same "think outside the box" endeavors. I say let’s never lose our right to act youngish and be easily influenced. By Satan.

I asked you all what “young and impressionable” endeavors that you pursued years ago. Let's not delude ourselves...they will undoubtedly be viewed as unkosher if we attempted the same mayhem today. So only moon people you really care about.

Peeing on people.
-Tony Naccarato

Flashing my bum....don't nobody need to see that!!!!!
-Debbie Ross Serrano

Vandalizing the local restricted golf course. And that's no joke. Of course I only did it for fun, not in protest
-Ted Kim

Running through the neighborhood, across front yards and over backyard fences, screaming, carrying guns. They were fake guns, but this was back when they could look like guns instead of day-glo ray guns.
-Nat Sternbergh

When I was around sleeping people, I would pry open their eyelids to see if they'd wake up. They didn't but I'd watch their eyes dart all over the place.
-G.M. Guity

In grade school,I would walk close behind my 5th grade nun and lift the cape thingy attached to her head covering and walk behind her for a while holding it. I did it a lot and I never got caught and not one kid in the class ever told. Sorry sister Margret Mary.
-Michael Codispoti

I used to jump over Big Wheels with my 3-Speed bike when I was 10. I would line them up like they were buses. Thought I was Evel Kneivel. Then one day, I crashed just like Evel Kneivel. Not fun... :)
-Dan Verkman

I tore the tags off all my pillows and mattress. I also murdered a man in upstate NY...
-Ruth Kabat Thomas

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