Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 90 - I Miss Money

November 6th, 2009

Don’t get used to the blond hair y’all. I might need to be going back to recession brown.

For the first time since 1983 , our country’s unemployment rate rose above 10%. 175,000 jobs were eliminated in October resulting in the 22nd straight month of job losses.

Being poor is so hot right now.

I threw it out to you. What are some things that you're eliminating during these "trying" economical times?

-Vicky Kuperman

Bowel movements, regardless of the times
-Adam Holtz

Limos and ho’s. Pants
-Ted Kim

Gold-plated "dainties".
-Michael Dubow

White elephant hunts
-Daniel Friedland

Prosti - I mean, dating.
-David Schlesinger

-Edward A. Sotelo

My children
-Ruth Kabat Thomas

-Roberta Scott

If you give up cable, they win!!
-Ruth Kabat Thomas

Vowels. I will save on ink.
-Dan Verkman

Excise taxes
-Shannon Brame-Collier

Self esteem, unless I can borrow some.
-Ken Miller

Hotel rooms. The back seat of a Dodge was perfectly fine when I was 19.
-John Kosciusko

Meat cured snacks
-David Forman Katz

As for me, I generally can’t skimp on hair care(and nice jeans and fancy coffee) but I’m thinking responsible Jax should start reconsidering. Please. Who am I trying to kid? Living on the edge Jax will prevail and I will ultimately not do without these few things that bring me so much joy. My delusions of grandeur will beat out the suffering economic system. But well played economy. Well played.

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