Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 110 - Thankful for So Much. Not You CNN

November 26th, 2009

Its Thanksgiving morning and I’m waiting at the gate for an early flight to see my family in Charleston, South Carolina. Why didn’t I leave last night? There is nothing I loathe more than being caught in the mayhem of an airport during the busiest day of the year. I think outside the box. The black box. So far so good. The Pakistani car service driver was so courteous that I offered to buy him a cup of coffee before the drive to LaGuardia. He seemed surprised by the gesture and accepted my offer. He took it regular with one sugar. The gentleman who gave me my ticket at the curbside check in was in good spirits. In fact, he told me that I looked nice in my driver’s license picture. Then he casually said, “Have a good trip Jax.” I found that odd as he wasn’t in the Jax nickname loop. Did he know me better than I knew myself? Side note. The guy who ran my high school media center (library) checked luggage at the airport during the summer. Awkward.

I figured now would be a good time to express all that I am grateful for. However, CNN is blasting their journalistic dribble and its invading my attention span. I’m going to do the best that I can and list what I am thankful for but bare with me as snippets of mediocre journalism oozes through.

- Both my Grandmothers are alive and will be turning 90 this year. I will see one of them in a few hours and (as always) she will tell me that I look thinner. After hearing that for years, I imagine that I’m at my goal weight of zero.
- I’ve never dropped my Blackberry in the toilet.
- I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses.
- I am not the kind of girl who drinks appletinis, watches Grey’s Anatomy and sings along to “I will Survive”.

Last night, a couple from Virginia crashed a State Dinner at the White House. They upped their classiness when they posted their pictures with Joe Biden on their Facebook page. Furthermore, it turns out that they’re reality show wannabees who are in the running to be on “The Real Housewives of DC”. At least they didn’t claim that their child was flying away in some giant tin foil balloon. Yet.

- I’ve never had to dress up in a chicken costume.
- I am certain that I love teaching, performing and writing comedy. Plus, I think I’m alright at it. There is an anchor and safety in knowing what you love. And pursuing it.
- I generally am trying to better myself.
- I am not the person who squeezes the seeds for pomegranate juice.
- I love my family and they love me.

“When we return, we’re going to share some haunting texts that people sent from the towers on 911 AND get excited..because tomorrow’s a BIG shopping day!”

-I am healthy.
- I’ve gotten to day 110 of this 365 day blog entry challenge. I might actually finish this thing.
- I don’t have to eat yogurt that keeps my digestive tracks in order.
- I have pretty good hair
- Not only do I have a lot of friends...I am surrounded by people who are kind, authentic and enriching.

There appears to be a coked up sub par journalist at the festivities pre -Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.The big news is that there is a Spider-man balloon and a new longer route. Some of the balloon handlers are nervous about increasing their pace. After surveying the portliness of the balloon carriers, I am wondering the same thing. My guess is that people who attend this parade hail from every city in the world. Except New York. Ms. Journalist hits the crowds for some questions.

“Why did you come?”
“I don’t know.”

“What are you looking forward to the most?”
“I don’t know.”

- I have readers who actually take the time to visit my blog. Your feedback, support and appreciation keeps me going. Thank you.

I’d like to share one final thought before I board Delta Flight 6010. There is a man sitting next to me reading a book called "Coping with Being a Genius". I’m going to suggest my follow up book called "Coping with Being a Person Self Righteous Enough to be Reading 'Coping with Being a Genius' in Public".

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  1. Enjoyed, thanks. Still smiling at 'I think outside the box. The black box.'