Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 86 - Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone

November 2nd, 2009

Recently the letter H came off my keyboard. Of the 26 letters, that particular one is rather crucial for writing and shit. Or in that case, sit. I had never given so much thought to the letter since the Sesame Street episode that was brought to me by the letter H.

I started thinking about other people, places, things, and circumstances that I have taken for granted.

Below are 10 things that I didn’t know what I had..until they were gone like teardrops in the rain.

1. THE #2 ON MY PHONE. After spilling water on my electronic device, #2 took a sabbatical for a few days. It turns out that this number is rather significant...and challenging to be without when you live in a 212 area code.

2. EYEBROWS. OR LACK THEREOF. As if 2 random patches of hair on our face wasn’t bizarre enough. But people without them? Scary with a touch of forehead overload.

3. MADONNA’S BRITISH ACCENT. If Madonna Louise Ciccone from Michigan didn’t embrace her Brit fetish, we’d be stuck talking about her arms, Kabbalah and how one's soul feels after sleeping with David Blaine, Dennis Rodman and Vanilla Ice.

4. SHOUT OUTS FROM CONSTRUCTION MEN. I’m a most likely will not last forever. Bring it on.

5. BUDDY COP MOVIES WITH THE PRACTICAL COP AND THE HARMLESS ZANY COP WHO SEEMS LACKADAISICAL..BUT REALLY COMES THROUGH AT THE END – If these two clich├ęs disappeared, we might have to suffer through a buddy cop film where our protagonists are Managers of Fixed Income & Institutional Banking for Latin American Markets who must contend with a deadly Chinese crime lord trying to get his brother out of prison.

6. FINDING WALDO. He should stay gone. I hear he's kind of a dick.

7. TEAR JERKING SCORES ON CNN WHEN SOMEONE DIES. Due to a technical glitch, there was no somber background music for one of the “In Memoriam” segments on one of the 500 celebrities that died this past summer. It made me uncomfortable and I cared less that they had crossed over.

8. HOT WATER. No explanation. You get it.

9. Al ROKER. He wasn’t on the Today Show one day. I claim to ardently dislike the guy..but something felt off without his "a few notches below mediocrity" presence. Then I was soothed by Ann Curry’s voice and Matt Lauer's practical good looks. The Universe was back in order.

10.THE DRUNK AT A BAR WHO CONSISTENTLY DISPLAYS LACK OF REASON AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Without them, our nights are sure to be less colorful. If you’re Canadian..less colourful.

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