Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 100 - Happy Centennial To Me. To Us

November 16th, 2009

Today is the 100th day of my 365 blog entry challenge. Aww..thanks for the centennial
well wishes. Feel free to visit me later as I celebrate with Yahtzee, crudités and boxes of wine. I feel like I should honor this day with some lighthearted “bloopers” from previous posts. Remember when I misspelled Guido on “Day 8 -Douche Bag VS Jesus”? I’m just glad that we can laugh about it now. Pig in a blanket?

The number 100 seems to be a series of digits that provides us a base in
mathematics, "best of lists" and reasons to celebrate milestones from the 100th episode of "Seinfeld" to Grandpa's 100th birthday shindig.

A few other places where "100" shows up that will never serve you on trivia and wing night at your local dive bar:

-100 is the number of tiles in a standard Scrabble set.
-Wolves are capable of covering over 100 miles in a single day.
-100 Americans choke to death on ballpoint pens per year.

It's not 99. Or 101. It is numero 100 that we have chosen as our barometer. One hundred just feels safe. Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez wasn't critically acclaimed for his novel, "One Hundred and One Years of Solitude". If it is something as seemingly simple as a number that can give us some comfortable anchor in our complicated lives..I say embrace it. Take the # it… dine it…open your heart and mind to it…make a baby with it.

So it seems the number 100 cannot escape us. I even made a mental reference to the number when I saw a skinny man walking down the street next to two heavier women. As they walked side by side on West 14th Street, they were the human representation of the number that we speak of. I’m a visual learner.

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