Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 95 - Shall I Read Your Mind?

November 11th, 2009

I am cognizant that my blog readers are keenly aware and profound thinkers. There is so much more that unites us than just our precious virtual connection. I feel you and you feel me in ways that are ethical and legal. Most of the time. Yes, I do take your questions in my “Ask Jax” series but I know some of you might be too shy, busy or ashamed to submit your inquiries.

As a thank you for following my 365 blog entry challenge, I’m going to utilize day 95 To ANSWER QUESTIONS that you’re THINKING about right now. I will let intuition be my guide and everyone wins. You get to keep your anonymity and chances are others might benefit from my replies to your thoughts.


1. Yes, if we go to a Japanese restaurant and order swan and have leftovers that are wrapped in a tin foil origami swan…that is indeed full circle.

2. No sir, I’m not interested in joining you for a really moving John Tesh concert.

3. Oh I can help you out with that.. the capitol of Idaho is Boise.

4. IF I AM WRITING IN “ALL CAPS”..then yes, it’s safe to assume that I am indeed yelling at you.

5. Yes, it would be fun to ride on a luggage carousel.

6. No sir, I’d rather not quiet the room down and soothe your soul with jazz sounds that combine island passion and urban emotion.

7. Yes m’am. Rosemary is a delightful herb. There is none more woody, medicinal, savory and aromatic than this perennial plant.

8. Sir, that is totally inappropriate..and I’m not that limber.

9. I’d love to join you for a ceremony involving Pagan chants and Wiccan rituals.

10. No, I don’t believe that we’re related… that would be kind of awkward..right?

11. I do think Geraldine Ferraro would look great with cornrows

12. You are correct. Cleavage can be an economical accessory during these fiscally challenging times.

13. Yes, a still life of a bidet with fake fruit would be quite stunning.

14. Yes sir, if things aren’t running smoothly in your are not accountable. Remember that deep down in your soul that it is Joe Jackson’s fault.

15. My mother’s maiden name? Addlestone. The 3 numbers on the back of my credit card? You’re a dick.

16. You want me to paint a portrait of you while you pensively stare at a tea kettle? My pleasure.

17. Yes, SARS does feel slighted that the Swine Flu is the new “in epidemic”.

18. Am I ready to rock? Actually, no. No I am not.

19. Yes, fake flowers are like the white zinfandel of the plant kingdom.

20. It is safe to assume that Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty have found each other at the Del Boca Vista retirement community in the sky.

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