Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 174 - Jax and Nerves. I Smell Buddy Cop. And Oscar.

January 29th, 2010

We call it the Addlestone Stomach. This is the informal medical term and condition (with my mom’s maiden name) that my family uses to describe a nauseating condition that creeps in during life's highs and lows. What causes it? Nerves. Nerves can be a dick.

At his Bar Mitzvah, my uncle walked off the bema, threw up and then came back and read from the Torah.

The blessing and the curse of being me is that I undoubtedly inherited this “I feel so hard” gene. I think that all of us are wired with this quality. Those who claim that they are not, are brilliant at the art of repressing the authenticity of feeling life's ups and downs."In da gut, Bob."

I don’t try to fight it anymore as I'm just not that good at it. I know that it will constantly be my shadow. But I'm trying not to look at it as my nemesis. I see it as a buddy cop movie where I play the straight laced cop forced to work with that “pesky” and seemingly out of touch partner, Nerves. Oh Nerves. You’re incorrigible. Once we get over our differences and conflicting personalities, our unlikely partnership creates the opportunity to learn so very much from each other, zany comedic hijinx ensue and I have my premise for a blockbuster movie called “Jax and Nerves.” The tagline – Jax and Nerves fight uneasiness, fear and a Mexican drug lord who speaks breathy English with a Spanish accent. Look for it in summer 2010.

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