Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 157 - Ben Stiller & Bear Gays. Oh My

January 12th, 2010

I'm feeling very free form today. In the last few weeks, I've met so many new friends in my neighborhood who are authentic, interesting and ambitious.It feels like college. With brownstones. My newest bad ass friend and neighbor, Katy, revealed to me last night that she was a writer's assistant for my favorite TV show of all time. ALL TIME. "The Ben Stiller show". It lasted for about 15 minutes in 1992 but it's brilliance cannot be denied. I mean there was a parody of "Cape Fear" called "Cape Munster". To this day, I still matter-of-factly quote, "There will never be anything between you and Eddie Munster!"

I've been so consumed with recalling my favorite moments from this show that I seem to have developed some writer's block as to what journey we shall take on my blog today. So I put the ball in your court and I asked you all to throw out some topics for me to write about. And you did:

Ed Blank - Have you tackled this totally surprising phenomenon where a guy with a billion dollars has a lot of women?

Jax's Thoughts - It’s funny that you mention this because the other night I got approached by Robert Redford and he offered me $1,000,000 for one night of the sex. I was intrigued until I found out that he planned on paying me in nickels. I find too much loose change to be a nuisance. I turned him down and continued to eat my Ramen noodles. Let me ask you this Ed Blank. Have you tackled this totally surprising phenomenon that women with one notch above mediocre looks and low self esteem get a lot of guys?

Bryce Edwards - Write about Dolly Parton. Pretty please!?!

Jax’ thoughts – I love anyone who says, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." Only a genius can foil bawdiness and flamboyancy with the most angelic distinctive vocal range. There’s an underlying sweetness to her soprano that indicates to me that this woman, at the core, is to put it quite simply, a pure soul. If you’re not yet sold on this queen of country music, author, multi-instrumentalist, actress and philanthropist, just, if you will, listen to her cover of “After the Goldrush” with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. If you still feel nothing...you’re dead inside. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/127179/1718720

Neil Arthur James - Pre-Show

Jax’s thoughts – Readers, my senior year in college, I was in the University of Georgia production of “Macbeth”. Those of us in the cast unaffectionately referred to it as “MacTeribble”. This is where I met Neil James. We bonded immediately. He’s a bear gay, a subculture of a bigger homosexual man who according to Urban Dictionary “looks ‘butch’... but when he talks, purses fly out of his mouth.” Do you know what Asian bear gays are called? Pandas. In any case, the director of the play, Joe Moser, decided to do some rewrites to the script because Shakespeare could have used the assistance from a man who was later fired from the drama department for sexual harassment. He went with a modern day version that involved the majority of the cast on stage for a pre-show (as the audience was walking in) improvising the anticipation of the arrival of King Duncan. Moser wanted us to be smoking cigarettes on stage to add a dreamy, whimsical and health hazardous element for the audience. Brilliant stuff. Neil and I played Caithness and Menteith who would be the equivalent to extras in the film version. We knew that our only opportunity to steal the scenes would be during this pre-show phenomenon. And that is what we did. We were dressed “corporate” carrying clip boards and being asked questions by journalists. We would hold our hands to their faces and curtly say, “No, questions.” Then walk away. Briskly. Rehearsal lasted 3 months and 99% of that time was spent on the pre-show. Looking back, this was the inspiration for the birth of MacImprov Jax.

Scott Stern - Top ten reasons Englebert Humperdink had a bigger influence on American culture than Conway Twitty and Neil Sedaka comined.

Jax’s thoughts – Fuck you Scott

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