Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 176 - How to Make Love While Conscious

January 31st, 2010

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not reading more these days. I’ve been so consumed with writing that most of my reading involves proofreading my blog entries. Those of you who are following my 365 day blog entry challenge know that I’m not even so good at that. I think that the only way for me to get back into the perusing of the written word is to start my own book club. It shall be called Jax’s Cool & Exclusive Book Club. You are only welcome to join if you posses super cool and exclusive tendencies and a basic command of the English language. I commit to choose our reading assignments wisely. The following are real books (according to that we will be discussing over the course of the year at my apartment. I will be serving crudités, Hot Pockets and boxes of white zinfandel.

1. Down Home Gynocology

2. Scouts in Bondage

3. How to Reuse Old Graves

4. The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes

5. Knitting With Dog Hair

6. 101 Uses for an Old Farm Tractor

7. Across Europe by Kangaroo

8. 101 Super Uses for Tampon Applicators

9. What’s Your Poo Telling You

10. Super Fetus

11. How to Make Love While Conscious

12. Why Cats Paint

13. Razor Wire Pubic Hair

14. Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself

15. How to Be a Pope: What to Do and Where to Go Once You're in the Vatican

16. How to Read a Book

17. Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality

18.The History of Lesbian Hair

19. People Who Don’t know They’re Dead

20. If You Want Closure In Your Relationship Start With Your Legs

If you’re interested in joining my book club, please email my assistant Voldar at Voldar@Jax’ssupercool&

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