Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 1 -365 day blog entry challenge of cosmic angst through the eyes of comedic insight. The Flow.

Aug 9th, 2009

Not really sure what I'm doing here. I certainly am not grammatically gifted enough to impress you with consistently accurate punctuation. I mean..the semicolon? Who is the self righteous punctuation specialist who came up with that one? I am however, a BIG fan of the ...(dot dot dot) I feel a little blocked. I know that is such a cliché that "creative types" (me included) use to justify as to why we're not prolifically oozing creative gems out of our pores. But I feel it. Literally feel it. I think a little exercise would help but I'm the thinnest I've ever been without it. Granted, I eat pretty well but my mental and emotional well being could certainly benefit from some heartbeat escalation. 4 years ago I ran the San Diego Marathon and yesterday I watched 3 episodes of Law and Order. Actually, I didn't watch it..I just liked the sound of that contradiction. These are the times when I must make a real effort to stay "in the flow" of my life. When I become stagnant my spirit is in danger of plummeting.

My brother is always in motion. A doer if you will. And one hell of a nice guy with perfect hair. I often receive his phone calls from San Francisco while he is in motion: Driving through the tunnels(disconnection always follows), ordering Lattes, making babies. The third example is a lie. Or is it? His "flowiness" has even inspired his 3 year old daughter into doing some toddler Vinyasa Yoga(defined as flow yoga.) Of course she also asked if a picture of Jesus was Pharaoh.

Forward movement in my life has always been connected to authentic desire. I simply am not that good of an actress to fake my bliss. In fact, I become debilitated when i even attempt at living someone else's life. Even as a child, I have been surrounded by this thin veil. Anything and everything gets in. A blessing and a curse. It's an odd phenomenon to accept that whatever or whoever will cross my path will always effect me deeply. For better or for worse. But always for real.

Keeping myself flowing seems to be an effective survival mechanism for my sensitive soul. By the way, I am writing this as I skydive.

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