Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 370 - Be My Literary Agent and I Will Buy You a Pony

October 4th, 2010

In order to seek an agent who will pitch my book proposal to publishers, I am throwing my book overview out to the virtual community....where stars are born...and legends are made. If you help me, I will return the favor in ways that are ethical and legal.

- Jax


Jacqueline’s concept for the book is to share a series of compelling essays that takes readers on a hilariously fun ride by dissecting universal topics through the skewed prism of her comedic and insightful sensibility. People will identify with the vivid pictures that she paints while using her original, unflinchingly candid and one of a kind trademark wit to cross the bridge that connects her heart to her head.

Jacqueline trusts her comedic instincts and her “we’re all in this together” approach to humorously guide her in sharing her over the top witty, honest and fearless points of views for readers to consider. Her essays are a catalyst that allows readers to express (through laughter) the anxiety they feel around life serving up ironic, maddening and sheer ridiculous circumstances.

The information in the book comes from Jacqueline’s lifetime of finding the absurd in the ordinary and 14 years of expertise, material and lessons learned from being a professional Manhattan based comedian involved in all aspects of stand-up comedy, improvisation, teaching comedy, sketch writing and blogging. From August 2009-August 2010, Jacqueline committed to writing daily essays in her 365 Day Blog Entry Challenge of Cosmic Angst Through the Eyes of Comedic Insight. Much of the book will be derived from the topics from the year’s project. Please visit her blog:

The engaging tone of Jacqueline’s work feels as if she is really “talking to” her readers and keenly aware that they’re strangers looking at her view of life for the first time. As a result, she has the ability to use her insightful comedic instincts to connect and tap into the pulse of her readers with humor, introspection and lack of pretense. Jacqueline’s uniqueness has served her in all aspects of her comedic career as she is an “urban cool” sexy tall blond Jew from the south who allows her readers to feel less isolated in a world filled with ironic circumstances. When most people are afraid to speak their mind, Jacqueline’s voice reaches male and female readers in metropolitan areas as much as those in middle-America who all “hear” her spot on delivery and conversational tone without being indulgent.

The promise of this book is that Jacqueline will succeed in entertaining a broad audience by sharing her intrinsically funny speaking voice, vulnerability and clarity that lets the audience know that they are reading for pleasure, comfort and the notion that they’re not alone in being perplexed by life’s oddities. Readers are guaranteed a therapeutic laugh without hallmark-cardesque nausea. Whether it's read in one sitting or one essay at a time, Jacqueline will accomplish in taking her readers on a comic trip that embraces the lives they’re living while giving them permission to let go of feeling guilty about who they are, laugh at things that they relate to on an emotional level and gain a sense of belonging in a world where people are desperately craving authenticity and connections. 


  1. How do YOU know that I express (through laughter)the anxiety.....over here?! I tend to respond to your Blog with random word association,Hiku or interpretive dance,myself. O.K.smartass?!

  2. I respect your candidness Anonymous. I don't want to omit other populations with their personal avenues of releasing anxiety. I promise to embrace my interpretive dancing readers as I too enjoy wearing spandex as I mimic catching imaginary butterflies.